Look Mama! I'm singing in London! At Ronnie Scott's!

Look mama! I'm singing in London! At Ronnie Scott's! And for the London Jazz Festival!! And I'm recording the show live at Ronnie's world class, in house, multi-track studio! 

Talk about your dreams come true! When I was 14 years old, my parents had an album called "Ella Fitzgerald Live In London" and on the liner notes it read, "recorded live at Ronnie Scott's." I loved that album so much that I would actually put it on and pretend that I was the singer in the band. I'd use the living room furniture as my pretend band. The sofa was the drummer, my dad's chair with the ottoman was the guitarist, my mom's chair with the flower print was the bass player, the stereo console with the tv, 8-track, record player, and reel to reel was the piano player, and the pole lamp was the horn section. The bookshelf housing the Encyclopedia Britannicas, World Books, and Life World Atlas volumes and my mom's knickknacks was my audience and I held a dinner candle for my microphone. That was my daydream. I could sing the entire album and even though I didn't exactly know what Ronnie Scott's was, in my imagination, I was there! Well, now almost 50 years later, I am "actually" singing at this iconic music venue where everybody who is anybody in music has played. All of my heroes, from Ella to Etta, Count Basie, Wynton, Nina Simone, and more, have played this iconic venue. I can now add the name Earl Thomas to that list! 

Earl Thomas Live In London With The Gospel Ambassadors Featuring Sister Leola! With special guest appearances by Todd Sharpville, Georgia van Etten, Never The Bride, Greig Taylor, Will Wilde, Basile Petite, and Dan Moriyama! One night only! Sunday, November 12, 6:30pm

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